Definition of thenardite in English:



  • A white to brownish translucent crystalline mineral occurring in evaporated salt lakes, consisting of anhydrous sodium sulfate.

    ‘Sulphate-rich waters in bitter lakes produce mirabilite which alters on exposure to thenardite both along the margins of the lake and in its deeper parts.’
    • ‘The mineral, which occurs with lyonsite and thenardite, formed as a sublimate from the volcanic gases.’
    • ‘It redissolves in summer and is eventually transformed on shores in powdered thenardite, which is easily blown away by wind from the shores, as water level is lower.’
    • ‘Anhydrous sodium sulfate is found in nature as the mineral thenardite.’



/THəˈnärdīt/ /θəˈnɑrdaɪt/


Mid 19th century from the name of Baron Louis-Jacques Thénard (1777–1857), French chemist, + -ite.