Definition of thenceforward in English:



another term for thenceforth
  • ‘The man who interviewed me, known then and thenceforward as ‘Mr Brockwell’, explained that the company was a ‘financial advertising agency'.’
  • ‘The father's empire then ceases, and he can from thenceforward no more dispose of the liberty of his son than that of any other man.’
  • ‘The Collective Bargaining Agreement set out the standard terms and conditions on which all seafarers serving on the vessels were thenceforward to be employed.’
  • ‘Love and a spirit of self-forgetfulness took complete possession of my heart, and thenceforward I was perfectly happy.’
  • ‘It may even be that not a little of this effect is due to the writer's enabling us thenceforward to enjoy our own day-dreams without self-reproach or shame.’
  • ‘Into his brain streamed one momentary lightning-flash of the Brahmic Splendor which has ever since lightened his life; upon his heart fell one drop of Brahmic Bliss, leaving thenceforward for always an aftertaste of heaven.’
  • ‘But long before then practical assimilation had begun: in January 1798 the occupied territory was divided into four departments, and thenceforward the region was governed to all intents and purposes as part of France.’
  • ‘China provided the setting of Wedemeyer's next assignment - and the subject with which his career would thenceforward be permanently linked.’
  • ‘Three Essays, Moral and Political, which appeared in February 1748, was the first of Hume's books to which he put his own name, a practice he was thenceforward to continue.’
  • ‘On the contrary, patients' reports of magnetic sensations were thenceforward written off as being among the odd things that hysterical patients sometimes say.’
  • ‘The alliteration and dramatic significance of the term had caught the public imagination, and thenceforward there was no escape from its use.’
  • ‘If ever he made the slightest change in a dish, he vaunted the variation as an original idea, and thenceforward set up as the sovereign creator of the dainty.’
  • ‘In 1863 he visited Pompeii and thenceforward daily life in Greece and Rome became his preoccupation.’