Definition of thermophile in English:


Pronunciation /ˈTHərməˌfīl/ /ˈθərməˌfaɪl/


  • A bacterium or other microorganism that grows best at higher than normal temperatures.

    ‘However, in that analysis, 10% of the bacteria but 78% of the archaea were thermophiles.’
    • ‘For example, thermophiles are organisms that live under conditions of extreme high temperature.’
    • ‘In particular, these findings are elucidative to understand mechanisms of thermal adaptation of thermophiles, and for developing thermostable enzymes for biotechnological applications.’
    • ‘In contrast, we here extended a similar search with respect to a group consisting of both thermophiles and hyperthermophiles i.e. the currently 3 organisms with optimal growth temperatures between 55 and 80°C were included.’
    • ‘Previous comparisons of high-resolution crystal structures of enzymes with the same fold and function in mesophiles, thermophiles and hyperthermophiles have revealed a number of potentially stabilizing features.’
    • ‘The proteins of thermophiles appear to be reinforced by special sequences of amino acids, and have increased ion-pair content buried inside the protein, which, it has been argued, leads to greater intrinsic stability.’
    • ‘A preeminent expert on thermophiles, Karl Stetter, a man responsible for naming a good fraction of the archaea, used some of the language of the DNA world, but clearly wanted to point to its limitations.’
    • ‘As described above, the molecular machinery of thermophiles works in ways we don't yet completely understand.’
    • ‘The genome of halobacterium and thermophiles will give insight into new sorts of biochemistry.’
    • ‘Back on the boat, Craig told me a little more about his forays to collect thermophiles on the ocean floor.’