Definition of thermos in English:


(also thermos bottle)

Pronunciation /ˈTHərməs/ /ˈθərməs/

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  • A container that keeps a drink or other fluid hot or cold by means of a double wall enclosing a vacuum.

    ‘Others simply lean against the sea wall, thermoses at the ready, their faces turned to the sun.’
    • ‘Am I awake and drinking from this red thermos of coffee or am I asleep, dreaming of sitting in my chair drinking this coffee?’
    • ‘Also, carry a map, compass or GPS, flashlight, knife, matches and a thermos with hot fluids.’
    • ‘All penknives, soft drink bottles and thermoses were confiscated, but demonstrators were allowed to keep their banners and leaflets.’
    • ‘I packed a good variety of snack foods and a thermos of hot orange drink in my large backpack, then bundled up in my thickest gear in case the weather turned foul.’
    • ‘Then I had a drink from my thermos and a comforting chunk of chocolate.’
    • ‘Use an insulated thermos or ice pack to keep beverages cold.’
    • ‘If you want something warm, take along a couple of thermoses - one containing soup and another filled with tea.’
    • ‘Consider making a thermos of green tea to drink at work.’
    • ‘I drank the last sip of my coffee and put my thermos away.’
    • ‘She took the plastic cup from the top of a thermos and poured me a drink.’
    • ‘The agent put on rubber gloves and opened my thermos and swirled the coffee around.’
    • ‘Normally we would pack some crackers, cheese, salami, cereal bars, chocolate, nuts, and a thermos of hot orange or lemon drink.’
    • ‘My advice is to pack a thermos of tea, because it gets cold in London, and your sleeping bag, and camp outside the Western Union office and wait.’
    • ‘Boil one liter of water for five minutes, then pour it into a thermos or other type of heat-retentive container.’
    • ‘We fill bottles, pots, thermoses, buckets - anything that will hold water.’
    • ‘It was still dark, of course, and our coach was full of elderly nuns and young children in pushchairs, all carrying picnics and giant thermoses of tea.’
    • ‘Some people, more prepared than I was, had brought biscuits, thermoses and sleeping bags.’
    • ‘As I've mentioned, she brings around a cake every Sunday, and they also bring other meals; a thermos of goulash, that kind of thing.’
    • ‘Hilda does much of the talking, between trips to the narrow kitchen where she retrieves a silver thermos of coffee and a chocolate chip cake.’
    bottle, container, vessel


Early 20th century from Greek, literally ‘hot’.