Definition of theurgic in English:



See theurgy

  • ‘As Moshe Idel puts it, the theurgic mystic ‘becomes a cooperator not only in the maintenance of the universe but also in the maintenance or even formation of some aspects of the Deity.’’
  • ‘I mentioned on this thread the relationship of the Goetia to both the Greco-Roman & Arabic magical traditions and it might be useful to investigate the manner in which conjurations were structured in say, the theurgic tradition.’
  • ‘The rituals of Leviticus have no theurgic or magical power, but neither are they meaningless: they symbolically teach the Israelite his or her proper place in God's world.’
  • ‘For instance, sympathetic magic or theurgic magic could be thought of as analogous to painting and sculpture; what you do remains the same, but the materials you use and the style you adopt can differ greatly.’
  • ‘Even traditions with heavy theurgic elements don't need to be ‘mystic’.’
  • ‘To this end, focusing on increasing your thaumaturgic power will also help you to increase your theurgic power.’