Definition of thicket in English:



  • A dense group of bushes or trees.

    ‘a horned owl perfectly camouflaged in a dense thicket’
    • ‘They rode down a dirt path in the forest amid the thickets of bushes and trees.’
    • ‘The birds love the dense thickets and scrub and clumps of bushes like blackthorn that grow in the older sites of the park.’
    • ‘Barely 20 feet below us was a dense thicket of bushes, and there the car lay on its side, undamaged.’
    • ‘At points the towpath is bordered by mature trees and thickets of elder and hawthorn, home to many different species of birds.’
    • ‘The dense thicket of rules and exceptions will drive away, or drive mad, almost anyone else.’
    • ‘The track was soft and mossy, and it led though ferns and brackens, thickets of brambles and groves of tall Himalayan cedar trees.’
    • ‘Do you enjoy wading through dense thickets of symbolism?’
    • ‘Song sparrows live in a variety of dense, brushy thickets.’
    • ‘Dense thickets of shrubs can have a strong impact on vegetation development, often reducing tree invasion for decades.’
    • ‘It was basically underbrush - small bushes, thickets, plants with long branches and thorns.’
    • ‘It occurs along coastal beaches of the West Indies and Central America, where its dense thickets are often cultivated to provide a windbreak.’
    • ‘Growing in dense thickets, it becomes vulnerable over time to attacks from insects and disease.’
    • ‘Invasive species often form dense stands or thickets that crowd out native vegetation.’
    • ‘She ran faster, and tried to lose them by running through thickets and in between trees.’
    • ‘Up to eight warblers may arrive in dense gorse thickets, particularly on clear, cold nights.’
    • ‘Regan walked through a thicket of trees and pushed a few branches away.’
    • ‘The owl soared downwards into the thicket of pine trees where its nest was.’
    • ‘This study emerged from, and was carried out within, a dense thicket of contradictions.’
    • ‘A winding road slopes downhill through a thicket of trees before looping once around a tiny manmade lake.’
    • ‘She had a small house between the villages, on a small hill near a thicket of oak trees.’
    • ‘It is a very attractive park of rolling hills, open grassy valleys, interspersed with thickets, woodlands and rich wetlands.’
    copse, coppice, dense growth, grove, brake, covert, tangle, clump
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Old English thiccet(see thick, -et).