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nounplural noun thingummies

(also thingamy)
  • A person or thing whose name one has forgotten, does not know, or does not wish to mention.

    • ‘it is difficult to know what to make of these complicated thingummies’
    • ‘Payday or no payday, I'm not exactly in the jet set income bracket, so I had to content myself one of those micro-mini flash memory drive thingummies.’
    • ‘This is because some sort of technical thingamy happened with our hosting thingamy.’
    • ‘If you believe in Feng Shui, you would probably recognise the larger role of the Laughing Buddha or any of the charming thingummies used by this ancient Chinese science to harmonise the energy of a living space.’
    • ‘This is specifically a reference to those fluorescent plastic thingummies that men like to stick in the back pockets of their trousers or jeans.’
    • ‘I partook of the the lamb shank and Ma had the beef thingamy.’
    • ‘I succumbed to a little temptation and got myself one of those wireless thingamies, so my laptop now connects automatically to the internet without wires anywhere in the house.’
    • ‘It has a standard screen at the top, keys at the bottom, with a joystick thingummy in the middle.’
    • ‘He happens to be really good at history, too, which is a point that requires my attention and constant monitoring - I don't want to be married to someone who has his head buried in historical thingummies all the time.’
    • ‘The engine seized up due to gunk building up and blocking some technical thingummies!’
    • ‘It's not a very clear picture but that is an ovulation test stick thingummy.’
    • ‘However, when it comes to the old religion and war thingummy, I feel religions get it really, really badly in the neck.’
    • ‘We don't - it's all being done by some start-up venture thingummy company.’
    object, article, item, artefact, commodity



/ˈTHiNGəmē/ /ˈθɪŋəmi/


Mid 18th century from thing + a meaningless suffix.