Definition of think back in English:

think back

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phrasal verb

  • Recall a past event or time.

    ‘I keep thinking back to school’
    • ‘I think back to the past and recall that it is the table at which we used to discuss politics or at which I wrote my first book.’
    • ‘Barden thinks back through the past few years and it is easy to spot the games they should have won and the opportunities missed.’
    • ‘Just think back to this past summer and the drama surrounding Taylor's decision to step down.’
    • ‘Yet, if you think back over the past decade or so the range and frequency of scandals is astonishing.’
    • ‘When rugby fans think back on past Lions tours, there is invariably one moment that sticks in the mind.’
    • ‘I put the blade back in my pocket to as I thought back into the past.’
    • ‘Kelly thought back now on the events that had set them all on this catastrophic course.’
    • ‘He shook his head with slight pain as he thought back to the previous events.’
    • ‘As I was throwing my last bag into our car, I started thinking back on this past year.’