Definition of third-degree in English:



  • 1Denoting burns of the most severe kind, affecting tissue below the skin.

    • ‘Those slightly farther from the center of the explosion did not die immediately, but suffered from severe third-degree burns all over their bodies, in particular to any areas that were exposed directly to the heat.’
    • ‘Some second-degree burns can heal with time, but deep ones and third-degree burns require skin grafts.’
    • ‘A third-degree burn results in the destruction of skin, and may extend into the superficial fascia, muscle and bone.’
    • ‘A full thickness burn, otherwise referred to as a third-degree burn, involves all layers of the skin.’
    • ‘Areas of deep second degree and third-degree burns may continue to build up scar tissue for at least two years.’
    • ‘After the incident, she was immediately taken to the hospital with deep third-degree burns, inflicted on 5 per cent of her skin.’
    • ‘The wounds inflicted often include shattered limbs, third-degree burns and ruptured organs.’
    • ‘One of the boys suffered from third-degree burns.’
    • ‘Liquids at that temperature can cause third-degree burns in 2-7 seconds.’
    • ‘The fourth victim was taken to Grey Hospital where he died from second- and third-degree burns to most of his body.’
    • ‘Second- and third-degree burns both require professional medical attention, as do first-degree burns if they occur over a large part of the body.’
    • ‘His life took a grim turn in the early 1980s, when he set himself on fire while free-basing cocaine, and suffered third-degree burns to over 50% of his body.’
    • ‘His unidentified mate suffered second- and third-degree burns to his face, arms and torso and required two skin-grafts.’
    • ‘Davis is presently in the hospital, listed in critical condition, after suffering second- and third-degree burns over a third of her body.’
    • ‘A boy who suffered third-degree burns in a suspected arson attack has died in hospital more than two months after the incident.’
    • ‘She got very bad third-degree burns on her left arm, her whole back was bruised, she had a fractured wrist and some very bad lacerations on her leg.’
    • ‘Peter suffered third-degree burns to his arms and had to be airlifted to hospital.’
    • ‘The car was cut open and the woman freed but she had suffered third-degree burns and died at the scene.’
    • ‘Deborah suffered third-degree burns and was in the hospital for six months.’
    • ‘For example, there are several cases on record of third-degree burns healing with extraordinary rapidity.’
  • 2North American Law
    Denoting the least serious category of a crime, especially murder.

    • ‘Saunders pleaded guilty to third-degree murder and was sentenced in July to 20 to 40 years in prison.’
    • ‘Hughes pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, conspiracy and a gun charge and got 17 to 30 years.’
    • ‘The men were arrested Saturday for third-degree intellectual property counterfeiting.’
    • ‘Wild, 55, pleaded to third-degree menacing, a misdemeanor in exchange for a conditional discharge.’
    • ‘He actually pleaded guilty to third-degree assault.’


the third degree
  • Long and harsh questioning, especially by police, to obtain information or a confession.

    • ‘When I got home from school that afternoon I got the third degree from my father about how I had ruined his reputation as a minister and how I had ruined my own life.’
    • ‘She drags Tom inside with her so she can give him the third degree about this boy he's found for Laura.’
    • ‘I don't know why I'm giving you the third degree.’
    • ‘Why didn't you give me the third degree whenever I broke curfew?’
    • ‘You've taught me my entire life to make choices, I'm doing that now and all you're doing is giving me the third degree about it.’
    • ‘Two men who appeared to be FBI agents showed up at school and gave her the third degree about what she'd written.’
    • ‘Manda wondered why Mrs. Mackenzie was giving Michael the third degree.’
    • ‘Everyone entering the country was getting the third degree at immigration.’
    • ‘And they gave him the third degree - including an humiliating strip search - as a result.’
    • ‘She saw that look in his eye, like he was afraid he'd done something wrong and was about to get the third degree for it.’
    • ‘I must have gone through the third degree before I convinced them she was alright.’
    • ‘What cracks me up is the thought of these guys having to deal with wives and girlfriends giving them the third degree.’
    • ‘He knew the third degree was coming, but was hoping to postpone it for a while.’
    • ‘Visits involve giving my husband the third degree about his job and his income.’
    • ‘I like your dad and all but the last time I was there he gave me the third degree.’
    • ‘My first call was answered by a woman who sounded very sharp-tongued and who gave me the third degree when I asked to speak to Derek.’
    • ‘He is a lawyer, and I know if I meet him for drinks I will get the third degree and it will be ugly.’
    • ‘Most of them looked like they were going to give me the third degree in two seconds.’
    • ‘He had drained his mug by the time his mother had finished giving Astrid the third degree about her plans.’