Definition of thirdly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈTHərdlē/ /ˈθərdli/

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  • In the third place (used to introduce a third point or reason)

    ‘secondly, the Home Secretary has found a way to deal with the problem swiftly; thirdly, the Bill has received all-party support’
    • ‘And thirdly, he introduced a ‘process which is strong enough to stop people making bad decisions when under pressure’.’
    • ‘First, it seeks to relieve some of the pressures on the labour market, second, it aims to curve inflation, and thirdly, it looks to position the relevant parties for the next election.’
    • ‘Firstly, he is always urging me to stop drinking; secondly, he looks a good 10 years younger than he is; and thirdly, his special horror is addiction.’
    • ‘And thirdly, despite having always been resolutely opposed to sexism, lookism and shapeism I couldn't get over how ugly the crowd was.’
    • ‘Firstly, the legality has not been fully proven, secondly, the knock-on effects have not been thought through and thirdly, a question mark hangs over motives.’
    • ‘They were supposed to be about things that involved a very great amount of originality, and thirdly, they were supposed to be about an inventive step that was useful to society.’
    • ‘And thirdly, it didn't actually govern the country, being simply a legislative body with limited powers to enact laws for the Governor.’
    • ‘And thirdly, these are not the only controls that have gone on.’
    • ‘And thirdly, right across Australia it's been very difficult to get an appropriate focus on performance and get results out to parents.’
    • ‘And then thirdly, there need to be trucks made available within Ethiopia itself to transport the food to where it is most needed.’
    • ‘'Firstly, this is a West Coast Swing dance, secondly, I'll play what I want to play and thirdly, leave, see if I care!'’
    • ‘And thirdly, I haven't really felt like posting all that much!’
    • ‘And thirdly, and most importantly, there'll be other London-based sitcoms that I've completely failed to remember.’
    • ‘Reasons for leaving were firstly getting a job elsewhere, secondly moving back to live with their parents and thirdly that they perceived that there were no jobs in Yorkshire.’
    • ‘Second, all users of the playing field should have a say in what money was spent on, and thirdly, there should be a co-ordinated approach to the raising of additional funds.’
    • ‘Secondly, they allow you to combine butter and eggs without recourse to flour, thus making the richest light snack ever and, thirdly, they take five minutes to cook.’
    • ‘And thirdly, it is writing not supported by fact and reality.’
    • ‘And thirdly, they used to have a very impressive industrial base and impressive educating class.’
    • ‘Secondly, it could plunge the country into another round of internecine fighting and, thirdly, it could put the US at odds with the UN.’
    • ‘And thirdly, it seems clear to me, in many more cases they're going to change their careers from choice, and it will be easier to do so.’