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cardinal numberthirties

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    (also xxx, XXX)
    The number equivalent to the product of three and ten; ten less than forty; 30.

    ‘thirty or forty years ago’
    • ‘thirty were hurt’
    • ‘thirty of her school friends’
    • ‘He had no devoted readership and little chance of remaining in print for long, let alone being republished in thirty or forty years' time.’
    • ‘He is apt to spend thirty or forty pages on an incident to which an equally good writer might devote three.’
    • ‘But there is no doubt in my mind that people were happier thirty or forty years ago.’
    • ‘About thirty or forty were injured, including more than a dozen elderly persons.’
    • ‘There were thirty or forty people there, which was an excellent turnout.’
    • ‘She normally makes thirty forty different scans from a set of flowers, before she finds an image that interests her.’
    • ‘He had put himself on a fixed budget and couldn't afford to spend more then thirty to forty dollars a day.’
    • ‘More people were killed in political violence in those four years, than in the previous thirty.’
    • ‘After a good thirty yards she came to a heavy wooden door that was locked.’
    • ‘On checking my bank statement last Friday, I discovered that I had a mere thirty pence to last me until payday at the end of July!’
    • ‘The human landscape of Europe has changed radically over the last thirty or so years.’
    • ‘All thirty of them huddled by the fire, hoping to be shielded from the wicked wind.’
    • ‘We stood, awkwardly for a full thirty seconds, before he seemed to jolt back to life.’
    • ‘There were four tents in all, three for the thirty male soldiers and one for the ten females.’
    • ‘Most of the political philosophy written in the last thirty years has been on this question.’
    • ‘However, there is a thirty percent decrease in fluorescence intensity of the polymer.’
    • ‘These policies established the main outlines of British policy over the following thirty years.’
    • ‘It has rained and blown a gale continuously now for over thirty hours!’
    • ‘The only recourse is for Ed to drive thirty miles to the nearest hospital for help.’
    • ‘Typical notice periods are thirty, sixty and ninety days, although some are as short as seven days.’
    1. 1.1thirtiesThe numbers from thirty to thirty-nine, especially the years of a century or of a person's life.
      ‘a woman in her thirties’
      • ‘she was a famous actress in the thirties’
      • ‘Yeah, this record is kind of about what happens when you let your adolescence continue into your thirties.’
      • ‘These are people who grew up in Ireland in the twenties and thirties and reached maturity in the era of World War Two.’
      • ‘The woman was described as being aged in her thirties, with mousy brown hair cut in a bowl style and a spotty complexion.’
      • ‘And wages vary by age - peak decades for earning are our thirties and forties.’
      • ‘Five men, all aged in their thirties or forties, were arrested at the scene.’
      • ‘He was in his thirties and his death at such a young age cast a pall of sadness over the area.’
      • ‘We manage to hang on to most of it into our thirties and forties.’
      • ‘Like many of the others, it is set in a suburb populated by beautiful women in their late thirties and early forties.’
      • ‘He is in his late thirties or early forties and very well put together.’
      • ‘Younger women, those in their late thirties and early forties, are simply not signing up.’
      • ‘In the thirties she settled down to mystery production, and averaged nearly two novels a year.’
      • ‘They are all thought to be aged in their twenties or thirties.’
      • ‘We should be nurturing leadership at a much earlier age and developing skills within people in their thirties.’
      • ‘Police are trying to identify the man, aged in his twenties or thirties.’
      • ‘She did not live in Ireland in the thirties; she lived in Sussex and London and merely visited Eire.’
      • ‘She's a successful actor who, in her late thirties, became a successful writer.’
      • ‘Alan introduced me to the boyish owner, a nerdy man in his early thirties.’
      • ‘When she returned New Zealand was in the grip of the Depression of the thirties with high unemployment.’
      • ‘The man, who was single and in his thirties, was on his way from Cork delivering a load of timber to a site in Waterford.’
      • ‘A man in his late thirties, who was in the house at the time of the incident, managed to escape without injury.’
    2. 1.2Thirty years old.
      ‘I've got a long way to go before I'm thirty’
      • ‘Parents over the age of thirty are becoming a larger proportion of first-time parents.’
      • ‘I put it behind the desk as requested and followed the doctor, a woman roughly around the age of thirty.’
      • ‘It is a young population, with the majority under the age of thirty.’
      • ‘She could have been anywhere from the age of fourteen to the age of thirty.’
      • ‘Before embarking on a political career in September 1919 at the age of thirty, Adolf Hitler had been a nonentity.’
      • ‘Many of the men above the age of thirty sat about a table playing a game of whist and the youngest of the children ran about the green grass of the Redford grounds.’
      • ‘By the age of thirty he headed a household that included a wife and daughter.’
      • ‘He was sitting alone on the other end of the couch near the mystery woman who looked around the age of thirty or so.’
      • ‘Male citizens between ages twenty-one and thirty are required to serve in the military for two years.’
      • ‘His genius lay in the gaining and exercise of power and by the age of thirty, he acted as effective ruler of England when the King was overseas.’
      • ‘The average age was about thirty and a lot were travelers backpacking around the world.’
      • ‘If I could achieve my goal at the age of thirty, imagine what a 10-year-old can achieve.’
      • ‘At the age of thirty I was still unsure of myself and I did not even know how to spend a Sunday evening.’
      • ‘Men did not normally marry until between the ages of twenty-five and thirty.’
      • ‘While she had five children by the age of thirty, her daughters are yet to become pregnant.’
      • ‘At the age of thirty, everything my father had told me turned out to be true.’
      • ‘By the age of thirty, however, her siblings were unwilling to walk with her because she was so slow.’
      • ‘However a university regulation prevented anyone below the age of thirty holding a chair.’
      • ‘She could have been any age between thirty and fifty, and was not someone to mess with.’
      • ‘Turning thirty, I abandoned the faux maturity and started acting as I pleased.’
    3. 1.3Thirty miles an hour.
      • ‘doing about thirty’
    4. 1.4Tennis The second point won by a player in a game.
      • ‘with the score at thirty all Kumar hit a low volley into the net’



/ˈTHərdē/ /ˈθərdi/


Old English thrītig(see three, -ty). The spelling with initial thi- is recorded in literature in the 15th century, and has been the prevalent form since the 16th century.