Definition of thoroughgoing in English:


Pronunciation /THərōˈɡōiNG/ /θəroʊˈɡoʊɪŋ/ /ˈTHərəˌɡōiNG/ /ˈθərəˌɡoʊɪŋ/

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  • 1Involving or attending to every detail or aspect of something.

    ‘a thoroughgoing reform of the whole economy’
    • ‘The need of the hour is thoroughgoing political and electoral reforms.’
    • ‘Then, if ever, was a signal opportunity to lay the groundwork for a genuinely thoroughgoing reform in keeping with the complementary ideas of free enterprise and equal access to natural opportunity.’
    • ‘While worthwhile, commendable, and necessary, these local prosecutions are not enough to prompt the thoroughgoing national, institutional reforms needed.’
    • ‘With the death of Elizabeth and accession of James VI and I, the Puritans anticipated thoroughgoing church reform.’
    • ‘But no government attempted thoroughgoing fiscal reform.’
    • ‘His research among the private and government papers is thoroughgoing and meticulous, his destruction of the Nelsonian myths and folk tales unerring, and his prose so elegant that the book's length is a pleasure rather than a burden.’
    • ‘A thoroughgoing job, with attention paid to detail, and totally faithful to the original, the English translation makes for a good read.’
    • ‘But, as the Crimean War is taken to indicate, Nicholas's thoroughgoing opposition to any kind of reform ensured that Russia's military competence lagged behind that of its western counterparts.’
    • ‘It is nothing less than a thoroughgoing critique of Tamil culture and society.’
    • ‘Researchers tend to be concerned with substantive issues and are less than enthusiastic about engaging in the kind of development work that would be required for a thoroughgoing determination of measurement quality.’
    • ‘He has a deep and thoroughgoing knowledge of the subject, and the ability to explain it.’
    • ‘Only through this kind of critical, self-reflective and political work can thoroughgoing structural and cultural racism be rooted out of our society.’
    • ‘He will simply not countenance further funding increases without thoroughgoing changes in the balance between state and private school educated undergraduates.’
    • ‘Moore is offensive in precisely the ways in which he sets out to be, through a thoroughgoing knowledge of his natural constituency and his natural antagonists.’
    • ‘I suspect, however, that a more thoroughgoing transformation is in order.’
    • ‘The reports were thoroughgoing and, as pieces of journalism, blameless.’
    • ‘Her thoroughgoing analysis of the texts certainly makes her findings about the surveys indisputable.’
    • ‘He wanted to create a thoroughgoing change in the way ordinary people perceived prostitution.’
    • ‘This break implies not only a change in organizational affiliations, but a profound and thoroughgoing transformation in the political perspective and world view of the working class.’
    • ‘The Reformation began, theologically speaking, with closed eyes and open ears, in the midst of a profound and thoroughgoing cultural and spiritual crisis.’
    rigorous, in-depth, exhaustive, thoroughgoing, minute, detailed, close, meticulous, scrupulous, assiduous, conscientious, painstaking, methodical, careful, sedulous, complete, comprehensive, elaborate, full, intensive, extensive, widespread, sweeping, searching, all-embracing, all-inclusive
    1. 1.1attributive Exemplifying a specified characteristic fully; absolute.
      ‘a thoroughgoing chocoholic’
      • ‘Even where Europeanization has, over time, produced pure and thoroughgoing Communitarization, levers for national influence have been retained and guarded very jealously.’
      • ‘He was, of course, a consummate thief, but he was probably not the most thoroughgoing plunderer among the world's despots.’
      • ‘He has written of the thoroughgoing nihilism of this class: their sense that life has no meaningful shape but is only one thing after another.’
      • ‘She is a member of the editorial board and one of the folks who has made the paper a national laughingstock for its thoroughgoing political correctness and zany leftism.’
      • ‘He turns out to have been a thoroughgoing racist.’
      • ‘A thoroughgoing bumbler, he accidentally kills the boss's grandson and then loses the pistol.’
      • ‘But I do think that it's important to recognize that the case for sexual liberty is not just a matter of abstract libertarian reasoning, unless one really is a very thoroughgoing libertarian indeed.’
      • ‘Unlike many conservatives, he gives equal time to a critique of capitalism - its ravages on human communities, its promotion of a thoroughgoing materialism, and its pervasive inculcation of relativism.’
      • ‘The options for dealing with so thoroughgoing a tyranny were pathetically limited.’
      • ‘One of the most engaging things about the site is its air of faint eccentricity, and the fact that it is put together by a thoroughgoing enthusiast.’
      • ‘Neither straight comedy nor thoroughgoing drama, it's a dreamy, wistful mood piece with only the wisp of a plot.’
      • ‘A thoroughgoing libertarian might say that the problem is society's willingness to forcibly extract tax money in order to take care of emergency medical costs.’
      utter, downright, thoroughgoing, absolute, complete, total, out-and-out, outright, real, perfect, profound, proper, consummate, all-out, wholesale, surpassing, sheer, rank, pure, unqualified, unmitigated