Definition of thoroughness in English:


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  • Great care and attention to detail.

    ‘his scholarship was marked by thoroughness and accuracy’
    • ‘he praised the thoroughness of the police investigation’
    • ‘Our in-house testing team, despite their expertise, cannot replace an army of beta testers in thoroughness.’
    • ‘There is already concern among some politicians over the thoroughness of the investigations into corruption.’
    • ‘I'm amazed at the thoroughness with which you revised the first draft.’
    • ‘The thoroughness of the authors ' quantitative research is apparent throughout the book.’
    • ‘The judges were very impressed with the boldness and wit of the idea, which has been executed with great thoroughness and precision.’



/ˈTHərōnəs/ /ˈθəroʊnəs/ /ˈTHərənəs/ /ˈθərənəs/