Definition of thought leader in English:

thought leader


  • A person whose views are taken to be authoritative and influential.

    ‘He has become an influential thought leader and a change agent in a field - training and learning - that should be one of the key strategic outposts of the knowledge economy but that often isn't.’
    • ‘No one in recent memory has slipped into the role of business thought leader as gracefully or influentially as he has.’
    • ‘With some justice, he has been called the father of the Internet, and he continues to be regarded as a thought leader within the larger data communications industry.’
    • ‘He is also a thought leader, future strategist, and technology analyst.’
    • ‘He believes any investigator chosen to speak as a product advocate must be a recognizable thought leader.’
    • ‘Alexander has been widely recognized as a thought leader in reinventing how to get your message out.’
    • ‘It's the next best thing to having a visit with a thought leader.’
    • ‘Stan is a major thought leader in the theological world, a provocateur of many changed hearts, a beloved man of God and a dear friend.’
    • ‘It is his suitability as a thought leader that was legitimately questioned, not his patriotism.’
    • ‘John F. Kennedy made a big show of inviting intellectuals to the White House, and President Clinton had widely publicized policy sessions with thought leaders while president-elect.’
    • ‘What he has to say should give a lot of thought leaders and businesspeople pause to reflect on the monochromatic way that they see the world.’
    • ‘But these types of predictions are always tough because we haven't even heard of some of the soon-to-be thought leaders that will make a difference in the coming months.’
    • ‘Companies have to go after thought leaders - clinicians that other clinicians respect - and get them to perform independent studies.’
    • ‘I especially like the commentaries by guest columnists - thought leaders who are seldom quoted in mainstream media.’
    • ‘Stewardship and historical cost were no longer acceptable to those few thought leaders who had been asked to apply themselves to the issue.’
    • ‘Their goal is to gain drug endorsements from the industry's thought leaders in the early stages of the marketing process.’
    • ‘We expect the analysts to embrace tools that can increase their visibility and effectiveness as thought leaders.’
    • ‘Where do innovation thought leaders go when they need a little inspiration?’
    • ‘Our goal must be to assemble CEOs, political leaders, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to clearly identify the strategies, practices, and values that will allow companies to prosper in increasingly turbulent times.’
    • ‘This is the place where you'll enter into ground-breaking discussions with Christian thought leaders about where church and culture are headed, and discuss what reinventing the church might look like.’