Definition of thready in English:


adjectiveadjective threadier, adjective threadiest

  • 1Relating to or resembling a thread.

    ‘Her hair was blonde and thready, and wrinkles covered a face that might have been pretty one day, a long time ago.’
    • ‘That huge neon glow comes out as a thin, thready coloured tube and nothing like what they saw that night.’
    viscous, gelatinous, viscid, sticky, glutinous, mucilaginous, thick
  • 2(of a sound, especially the voice) scarcely audible.

    ‘he managed a thready whisper’
    • ‘Joe's voice was thready, his eyes glass-green.’
    • ‘Her voice is faint and thready, and it is easy to imagine her propped up against the pillows in her Thirsk home, struggling to find the strength to continue.’
    1. 2.1Medicine (of a person's pulse) scarcely perceptible.
      ‘The tongue is red, and there is a rapid thready pulse.’
      • ‘Her pulse was thready, and she was in severe need of a doctor.’
      • ‘A weak, thready pulse and pulsus alternans are associated with decreased left ventricular function.’
      • ‘She is hyperventilating, her pulse is racing and thready.’
      • ‘His pulse was weak, thready, and rapid, his extremities were cold and he was perspiring.’



/ˈTHredē/ /ˈθrɛdi/