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  • (of an electric generator, motor, or other device) designed to supply or use simultaneously three separate alternating currents of the same voltage, but with phases differing by a third of a period.

    ‘The three-phase alternating current motor puts out a peak 35kW to conventional steel half-shafts hooking up with each wheel.’
    • ‘Differences in voltage or phasing in three-phase power feeding large motors can cause vibration, noise, overheating and other problems that may burn out compressors, pumps and other equipment dependent on such motors.’
    • ‘The electrical system has been upgraded with power provided by a 25kVA three-phase generator.’
    • ‘The roof moves thanks to 5-hp, 460-v, three-phase electric motors, two per transporter.’
    • ‘If it is an AC motor, then it probably is a three-phase AC motor running at 240 volts AC with a 300 volt battery pack.’
    • ‘It generates 400 volts of three-phase electricity.’
    • ‘The CPU voltage regulator is a three-phase one.’
    • ‘A 55-kW three-phase synchronous motor is able to power the vehicle to up to 140 km/hour.’
    • ‘The 35-kW, three-phase motor also serves as the flywheel, starter, alternator and traction motor to drive the front wheels.’
    • ‘But next fall, it will be a carbon fiber-sheathed vehicle powered by a 400-plus hp three-phase induction motor and 900 volts of nickel metal hydride batteries.’
    • ‘A 380V three-phase power supply was already in place following the expedition in 1997.’
    • ‘Officials say that the consumers in the villages of the district will get 10 hours of assured three-phase supply for running their tubewells and two hours of two-phase supply in the evening.’
    • ‘A geared three-phase motor, the speed of which would be controlled by an inverter linked up to the control panel would drive the belt.’
    • ‘The majority of the property was built specifically for its current use and features include a nurse call system, emergency lighting and a three-phase electricity system.’
    • ‘However, this won't work with a three-phase electricity system.’
    • ‘The shop has three-phase AC electric power coming in from an outside electric utility.’
    • ‘In some cases, higher power electronic equipment will actually require three-phase input.’
    • ‘According to Hodge, another important thing to consider is if you are going to need both single- and three-phase power.’
    • ‘Once they were repositioned, City Power had to be called in to install a three-phase power system in the pump house.’
    • ‘High-performance linear ac power sources have output ranges from 500 VA to 12 kVA in single-phase, split-phase, or three-phase mode.’



/ˈTHrēˌfāz/ /ˈθriˌfeɪz/