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three-point turn

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  • A method of turning a vehicle around in a narrow space by moving forwards, backwards, and forwards again in a sequence of arcs.

    ‘She ambled round the chalet and made a three-point turn on the narrow road of which she was quite proud.’
    • ‘Learner drivers took to the roads in a myriad of three-point turns and reversing round corners.’
    • ‘The steering column gear change lever betrays its American origins and while perfectly satisfactory most of the time, it can be awkward when making a three-point turn on a narrow street.’
    • ‘As if it wasn't hard enough to master the mental torture that is the three-point turn, we learner drivers are now meant to know what goes on under the bonnet of our cars.’
    • ‘The result is endless to-ing and fro-ing as three-point turns turn into eight-point turns.’
    • ‘The turning circle means every mini roundabout becomes a three-point turn, and at oblique junctions you absolutely cannot see if anything's coming.’
    • ‘As I back our minivan into a three-point turn, I fail to see that the tall wildflowers growing at the side of the road are actually rising from a ditch.’
    • ‘They are determined to prevent the instructors from encouraging their learners to practise their three-point turns and reversing around corners in the peaceful residential area.’
    • ‘At almost the same moment, a gritting lorry drove up the street, performed a three-point turn, and drove back in the other direction.’
    • ‘The bus had just done a three-point turn but as it drove back down the road the branches of an overhanging tree hit its roof and smashed several windows.’
    • ‘We are in a cul-de-sac and I am frightened about what might happen to children while cars are doing three-point turns.’
    • ‘Other drivers did manage to find an alternative route but not without a number of three-point turns.’
    • ‘I was making a three-point turn, just like I usually do it, but it went out of control.’
    • ‘On our way a pickup truck just ahead of us abruptly reverses into our taxicab with a slam, then does a fast three-point turn over the median.’
    • ‘The plan had been to execute a three-point turn, but at an early stage in the manoeuvre I made a misjudgement and reversed on to the sloping lawn in front of the hostel.’
    • ‘A man snatched a handbag from the passenger seat of a woman's car as she was making a three-point turn, in the first incident of its kind in Kingston.’
    • ‘If it's a driving test you'd probably be better off concentrating on your three-point turn.’
    • ‘As you can see from the picture, there is not even any room to do a three-point turn, never mind a high speed stunt!’
    • ‘I had aced my emergency stop and my hill start, and we were on our way to do a three-point turn.’


three-point turn

/ˈTHrē ˌpoin(t) ˈtərn/ /ˈθri ˌpɔɪn(t) ˈtərn/