Definition of three-star in English:



  • 1(especially of a hotel or restaurant) given three stars in a grading system, typically one in which this denotes a high or average class or quality (four- or five-star denoting the highest standard)

    ‘this well-furnished three-star hotel is close to the lake and has a pleasantly traditional air’
    • ‘The aim of the redevelopment is to raise its grade from a three-star to a four-star hotel with the eventual goal of re-marketing it.’
    • ‘There is a democratic range, from five-, four- and three-star accommodation to self-catering cabins and a campground.’
    • ‘The packages, which cost from £289 per person (sharing a room), include three-star hotel accommodation but not tickets for the match.’
    • ‘Three nights in three-star accommodation are offered in each location.’
    • ‘The paper found the three-star hotel is charging £170 a night for a room which normally costs £82.’
    • ‘The average accommodation establishment is charging three-star prices while offering zero star facilities and services.’
    • ‘On the accommodation front, the resort has 14 different two or three-star hotels, most of which provide transportation to the hills or are within walking distance of them.’
    • ‘The accommodation would be at a three-star hotel and the package included a sight-seeing tour of Colombo.’
    • ‘In Glasgow alone there will be 925 new three-star and 625 new four-star beds available by winter 2002.’
    • ‘But the relatively basic nature of the accommodation, officially three-star, was a minor consideration.’
    • ‘Our package included a three-star hotel located near the Space Needle with free garage parking.’
    • ‘Raipur has hotels with two and three-star comforts, and there are forest lodges and camps with basic amenities at other places.’
    • ‘The Hong Kong-listed company is eyeing a prime site in the centre of the enclave for a three-star hotel, a source said.’
    • ‘Here are the people you never see: the floor managers of three-star hotels, the maids, the cooks, the porters.’
    • ‘Eight of the three-star hotels we surveyed quoted us prices that were more expensive than the supposedly more upmarket four-star establishments.’
    • ‘From August 6, a three-star hotel room per night will cost 48 leva.’
    • ‘Four- and three-star hotels are surviving, with between 40 percent and 60 percent room occupancy.’
    • ‘Prices start at £129 for two nights at a three-star hotel.’
    • ‘A bingo hall may also operate legally in a three-star hotel.’
    • ‘The company's three-star hotel in Glasgow will be sold as soon as planning permission to further develop the site has been obtained.’
    1. 1.1(in the US armed services) having or denoting the rank of lieutenant general, distinguished by three stars on the uniform.
      ‘the three-star lieutenant general’
      • ‘The Army, on the other hand, left the court martial decision to the three-star commanders of the armies in the United States.’
      • ‘On Aug.6, 2002, he was promoted to the rank of three-star general.’
      • ‘The president recommended that he be promoted to three-star general.’
      • ‘The three-star general was appointed in late 2002 to the command of the 17,000-strong peacekeeping contingent.’
      • ‘I met a three-star general and we had a very tough conversation.’



/ˈTHrēˌstär/ /ˈθriˌstɑr/