Definition of threepenny bit in English:

threepenny bit


British historical
  • A coin worth three old pence (11/4 p).

    • ‘They also included a selection of threepenny bits, a 1916 halfpenny and a penny piece from 1921.’
    • ‘It included a threepenny bit, a sixpence, a shilling, a two shilling, a half crown, and four and five shilling pieces.’
    • ‘Mr Barclay said the threepenny bit would have been produced at a coin mint on the site of the old St Leonard's Hospital, next to York's Museum Gardens.’
    • ‘He used to walk up our terrace and throw threepenny bits to the children.’
    • ‘And with sixpences becoming more scarce, the tradition may have to be adapted to the handing out of old threepenny bits.’


threepenny bit