Definition of thrombocyte in English:



another term for platelet
‘Leukocytes were classified as lymphocytes, thrombocytes, granulocytes and monocytes, and percentages of cell types were calculated.’
  • ‘In general, two to six blood platelets or thrombocytes are seen in an oil immersion field, but their distribution is variable and they may appear in large clumps.’
  • ‘The erythrocytes were allowed to settle for 1 h, and the plasma, leukocytes and thrombocytes were separated by aspirating the supernatant.’
  • ‘Circulating lipoprotein and thrombocytes increased in all groups.’
  • ‘Grade 3 or Grade 4 thrombocyte abnormalities, including thrombocytopenic events were observed in 14% of the patients who received TEMODAL.’



/ˈTHrämbəˌsīt/ /ˈθrɑmbəˌsaɪt/