Definition of throw at in English:

throw at

phrasal verb

  • throw oneself at someoneAppear too eager to become the sexual partner of someone.

    ‘she's throwing herself at that man, making a complete fool of herself’
    • ‘He sounded so sure of himself that I had to wonder how many girls readily threw themselves at him, eager for a date.’
    • ‘And single, willing men are throwing themselves at me as well, which is getting annoying.’
    • ‘I even considered going to his house (a forty-minute drive) some night and throwing myself at him, which is pathetic.’
    • ‘Yet, I don't want to throw myself at him and be rejected and make the rest of the night painfully embarrassing for both of us.’
    • ‘She felt violated by the fact that he was treating her like some strumpet that would throw herself at him.’
    • ‘There were a lot of girls there, some of them famous and the others just rich snobby girls who throw themselves at all the guys.’
    • ‘She also knew that Melissa was a flirt and enjoyed throwing herself at men.’
    • ‘I mean, how many other woman do I have to watch throw themselves at you?’
    • ‘I've seen groupies on the road and women just throwing themselves at you just because you're famous, and I hate that.’
    • ‘She is one sexy lady, she's had four fabulous men throw themselves at her in just three episodes.’