Definition of throw into in English:

throw into

phrasal verb

  • throw oneself into somethingStart to do something with enthusiasm and vigor.

    ‘Eve threw herself into her work’
    • ‘I threw myself into writing’
    • ‘The teaching staff, who threw themselves into their roles with vigour, never really managed to raise themselves above the level of historical re-enactors.’
    • ‘Youth in particular long for something they can throw themselves into with the passion of a martyr.’
    • ‘Whatever they do, whether alone or with a partner, they throw themselves into.’
    • ‘Then she says she will look around and see what challenges she can throw herself into.’
    • ‘Regular training, however, was not something I threw myself into.’
    • ‘The gender mix is maybe 40% male to 60% female, and the men are throwing themselves into the show with just as much enthusiasm as the women.’
    • ‘She continued this enthusiasm at State University, throwing herself into community events until she signed up for a drama course on a whim and discovered that acting was to be her chosen obsession.’
    • ‘Every time we practice, we throw ourselves into the writing process.’
    • ‘You see Willow, I know what you're looking for, and you have no idea what you're throwing yourself into.’
    • ‘As someone who has never been able to do anything but write, I find that people who throw themselves into too many things at once become proficient in everything and good at nothing.’