Definition of throw of the dice in English:

throw of the dice


  • see dice

    ‘a struggling actor giving it a last throw of the dice as he stages a self-financed production of Hamlet’
    • ‘It is very, very tight and we know we've just got one throw of the dice.’
    • ‘‘The stakes are too high and our future too important to be gambled on a reckless throw of the dice,’ he said.’
    • ‘His appointment as coach in July last year, once seen as a desperate throw of the dice, looks an ever more shrewd choice.’
    • ‘Facing a bleak future of dispossession and impoverishment, they had appealed to the Supreme Court in a final desperate throw of the dice.’
    • ‘If, in what will be one final throw of the dice, he can add just a little more by way of contribution then its another bonus.’
    • ‘The charges were not backed by any proof and were probably a last desperate throw of the dice by a hysterical woman.’
    • ‘The difference is that every new building on the board will mean real money in the bank for the developer who took the first throw of the dice.’
    • ‘At last, the real throw of the dice, with a quarter of an hour left.’
    • ‘France and Russia are playing their cards in the security council, but this is the last throw of the dice.’
    • ‘That is a big throw of the dice and if they are to take the chance they must produce the evidence which will win them a measure of support.’