Definition of throw pillow in English:

throw pillow


  • A small decorative pillow placed on a chair or couch.

    • ‘‘You're on,’ I challenged, picking up a throw pillow from the couch.’
    • ‘Mike lunged from the couch to avoid the throw pillow that sailed for his head.’
    • ‘So, this girl is now standing on the couch with a throw pillow in hand, ready to attack me at any given time.’
    • ‘Kiko rolled her eyes, grabbing a throw pillow on the couch and hitting her over the head with it.’
    • ‘Ellen asked, settling back on the couch and holding a throw pillow close to her chest as she waited for his response.’
    • ‘She sprawled out on the couch and hugged a bright green triangle throw pillow to her chest, sighing loudly.’
    • ‘Enter the Schavrien's living room and on the middle of their couch sits an Air Force throw pillow.’
    • ‘For the third day, Trudy sat on the couch in the dark, clutching the little throw pillow.’
    • ‘I drummed my fingers on the throw pillow at the end of the couch, tapping my foot on the carpet.’
    • ‘With an evil grin, he sprawled out on the couch, burying his face in a red throw pillow.’
    • ‘I can't pinpoint the exact moment, but it was most likely around the time my Mom caught me practicing kissing on her favorite throw pillow from Ethan Allen.’
    • ‘Retro wanderlust is the theme: The jet plane pattern on the soft blue throw pillow complements the vintage globe and cameras.’
    • ‘‘You're stupid,’ Shane snickered, hitting Cody with the porch swing's throw pillow.’
    • ‘Owen groaned and buried his face in a throw pillow.’
    • ‘He's silenced by the throw pillow she whacks him with.’
    • ‘Resting my head on a throw pillow, I drifted off to sleep.’
    • ‘She had hot pink sheets, with matching pillowcases, as well as a dark purple comforter, and lavender throw pillow.’
    • ‘Stomach queasy, Rebecca clutched a beaded throw pillow to her chest, certain she'd never eat again.’
    • ‘Affix rope, fringe or cording to an ordinary throw pillow or gathered slipcover skirt.’
    • ‘Tumbled casually over a bed or sofa, decorative throw pillows make a wonderfully bright and cheerful addition.’


throw pillow