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throw rug

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  • A small decorative rug designed to be placed with a casual effect and moved as required.

    ‘I bought a jute throw rug for my balcony, and some other random stuff… gift-wrap, candles, some bamboo shoots to put in a vase…’
    • ‘A bold-striped throw rug was tossed down between the bed and seating area for a jolt of life to some very tired carpet.’
    • ‘Gone will be the prospect of hours profitably spent conjuring fantastic island adventures equipped only with a tiny rubber Gumby doll and a throw rug.’
    • ‘Why not bring a throw rug into work to complement the mess on your desk?’
    • ‘A throw rug can add personality to a room and reduce the chill-factor of a bare floor.’
    • ‘Instead of synthetic carpeting, Spector suggests a natural-fiber throw rug made of wool, cotton, jute or sea grass.’
    • ‘The beige carpet had been dressed up with a throw rug of deep crimson.’
    • ‘It is sparsely furnished - a desk, a bed, a thin throw rug on the floor, a mirror.’
    • ‘If you have a table and a covered porch, don't be afraid to bring out candles, throw pillows, and even a throw rug to create your porch ‘room’!’
    • ‘The box doesn't prevent them from tracking the litter (a problem I had with the hooded boxes too) so I place a throw rug under the box.’
    • ‘The hard wood floors were covered with a throw rug.’
    • ‘And what a shame to hide a beautiful floor under a throw rug!’
    • ‘His fingertips massage his temples, and he seems remarkably interested in the pattern of the throw rug in front of the square glass coffee table.’
    • ‘I was sitting on the floor cutting away and soon I began composing, literally, on a white throw rug as if it were my big page or my canvas.’
    • ‘I grabbed my book and plopped onto the throw rug to read.’
    • ‘I looked down at the cement floor covered by a throw rug.’
    • ‘Let me ask you, Allen - I mean, would you put a throw rug in with the fine washables?’
    • ‘Jess has done her best to make it more homely by hanging pictures and posters on the walls and putting a throw rug on the sofa bed.’
    • ‘Sure enough, she located the loose board under a throw rug without a problem.’
    • ‘The movie begins with a night shot of Reznick in his apartment rolling a body into a throw rug.’


throw rug

/THrō rəɡ/ /θroʊ rəɡ/