Definition of throw shapes in English:

throw shapes


  • Dance to popular music.

    ‘I watched as other clubbers threw shapes on the dance floor’
    ‘yours truly attempted to throw some shapes to long forgotten tunes from the 1970s’
    • ‘She's bellowing her way through 'Singing In The Rain', throwing shapes she's perfected from her own choreography.’
    • ‘Throwing some shapes on the dance floor was the princess, with her sister in tow.’
    • ‘I ran into O'Dwyer, who, it has to be said, threw some pretty impressive shapes on the dancefloor.’
    • ‘I've been known to throw some shapes to this from time to time.’
    • ‘While her backing dancers threw shapes which would have caused blushes at the Moulin Rouge, she bounced through her back catalogue of bubblegum music.’
    • ‘His movements are stiff and robotic, like those Bauhaus artist ballets where middle-class guys who don't know how to dance throw shapes in absurd costumes.’
    • ‘Some young children joined the fun, imitating Liam's athleticism as he threw shapes and belted out popular numbers such as "You can love me now".’
    • ‘Even passers-by stopped to watch the women as they happily threw shapes for the camera on Kildare Street.’
    • ‘He dramatically vaults the barricades, gyrates his hips and begins throwing shapes.’
    • ‘It wasn't till a month later that I realised I'd been throwing shapes to a cover of 'Anyone of Us'.’