Definition of throw someone a curveball in English:

throw someone a curveball


informal North American
  • Unexpectedly present someone with a challenge or disruption.

    • ‘just when you think things are working out, life throws you a curveball’
    • ‘Just know that this won't be the last time Mother Nature throws us a curveball.’
    • ‘Every once in a while you are thrown a curveball.’
    • ‘Just when we got the hang of baking with applesauce instead of oil, the diet gurus throw us another curveball: Forget counting fat grams, they say.’
    • ‘Planning ahead is a great strategy ... until life throws you a curveball.’
    • ‘Every now and then science throws us a curve ball, a technology at once staggeringly useful and breathtakingly dangerous.’
    • ‘The ocean always seemed to bring her a sense of calmness and happiness whenever life threw her a curveball.’
    • ‘Sharing your beliefs with like-minded individuals in discussion groups can give you the spiritual grounding you need to cope with whatever curve ball life may throw your way.’
    • ‘You pride yourself on being ready for every sartorial curveball life throws you.’
    • ‘Just when you think you know what life has in store for you (credit-card payments, antidepressants, death), it throws you a curveball.’
    • ‘"Each time you think you've got one thing figured out, they throw you a curveball," she notes.’
    • ‘What gets me so excited about an album like this is the few curve balls it throws my way.’