Definition of throw something out in English:

throw something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Discard something as unwanted.

    ‘he'd thrown that rubbish out’
    • ‘I need to throw some rubbish out, then I'm going to have a shower and go.’
    • ‘Other artworks were thrown out with the household rubbish.’
    • ‘It's really sweet actually but Mom wanted to throw it out because it brought back too many memories of her.’
    • ‘It was empty, but for some reason he couldn't bring himself to throw it out.’
    • ‘It sat in the back seat of the car festering the whole day but none of us could bring ourselves to throw it out.’
    • ‘I agree the best solution is to turn it off and throw it out, but I really do look forward to certain programming such as the upcoming world hockey championships and the Olympics.’
    • ‘The leader stopped trying to tell the clumsy serving girl that it was unnecessary to apologize - this tunic was old anyway and he was planning on throwing it out - and stooped to catch the gagging knight as he fell out of his chair.’
    • ‘Half of the prints were thrown out the first time around; somehow small insects got caught in the 13 layers of ink as they dried on thousands of sheets.’
    • ‘I finished the bowl and walked over to the trash and threw it out, when Mara's curly brown hair caught my eye.’
    • ‘If you got caught with a comic, the teacher threw it out.’
    discard, throw away, dispose of, get rid of, do away with, toss out, scrap, throw on the scrapheap, clear out, remove, dispense with, lose, eliminate, dump, unload, jettison, shed, dismiss, expel, eject, weed out, root out
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  • 2(of a court, legislature, or other body) dismiss or reject something brought before it.

    ‘the charges were thrown out by the magistrate’
    • ‘Four of five judges on the court voted to throw the case out, citing procedural errors in her trial.’
    • ‘In one of the most remarkably sensible judgments, the appeals court threw the case out on the basis that only those injured - in this case, the rats, mice and birds - can bring civil suit.’
    • ‘Are you surprised, Roger, that the federal court threw it out today?’
    • ‘Last month a human rights claim on the issue was thrown out by the Appeal Court and he says he is taking advice on the possibility of appeal to a European Court.’
    • ‘Two years later the negligence claim was thrown out but the employer was ruled liable.’
    • ‘Another accusation of operating an illegal business was thrown out by the court.’
    • ‘Happily, late last year a US court threw the case out.’
    • ‘The case wound its way through the courts until the Supreme Court of Canada threw it out in 1998.’
    • ‘Now most of its original case has been thrown out by the courts, and the agency is scrambling to devise a remedy that will justify all the effort.’
    • ‘Other insurers named in the case are banking that it will be thrown out by the federal court for the Southern District of Florida.’
    reject, dismiss, turn down, say ‘no’ to, refuse, disallow, veto, squash
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  • 3Put forward a suggestion tentatively.

    ‘a suggestion that Dunne threw out caught many a reader's fancy’
    • ‘I asked around, some suggestions were thrown out, and we decided on this one.’
  • 4Cause numbers or calculations to become inaccurate.

    ‘an undisclosed stock option throws out all your figures’
    • ‘And the calculations could be thrown out if there was any significant change in the principles according to which judicial remuneration is set.’
  • 5Emit or radiate something.

    ‘a big range fire that threw out heat like a furnace’
    • ‘An old manhole cover picked up at a reclamation yard for £8 is propped up at the back to throw the heat out.’
    radiate, emit, give off, send out, diffuse, disseminate, disperse
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  • 6(of a plant) rapidly develop a side shoot, bud, etc.