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throw up

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phrasal verb

  • 1Vomit.

    ‘I leaned over and threw up again’
    • ‘Of the four of us at least one has been throwing up or coughing all through the night pretty much constantly.’
    • ‘I knocked on the door gently, but it seemed that Andrea was sick and was throwing up.’
    • ‘Sven ate about half, out of pure hunger, but then felt sick and threw up into the garbage can.’
    • ‘He coughed violently and promptly threw up on the sparkling floor.’
    • ‘I'd gone no more than a few metres when I stopped and my stomach gave a familiar heave and I threw up.’
    • ‘The smell of the vegetarian food makes him sick and he feels like throwing up.’
    • ‘The Fair is the one place where you can throw up, and no one thinks you're drunk or sick.’
    • ‘Sitting at the wheel of his car trying to finish an oversized sandwich becomes too much for him and he throws up through his window.’
    • ‘If you're going to push a toddler on a playground swing until the child throws up, push him from behind, not in front.’
    • ‘She had a deep, throaty, genuine laugh, like that sound a dog makes just before it throws up.’
    vomit, retch
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    1. 1.1throw something up, throw up somethingVomit something one has eaten or drunk.
      ‘I made it as far as the bathroom and threw up my dinner’
      • ‘And then they're sick and kind of throw it up.’
      • ‘As soon as I ate a bag of my favourite crisps, I would feel the urge and need to just bring myself to throw them up again.’
  • 2throw something up, throw up somethingAbandon or give up something, especially one's job.

    • ‘why has he thrown up a promising career in politics?’
    give up, abandon, relinquish, resign, resign from, leave, eschew, abdicate
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  • 3throw something up, throw up somethingProduce something and bring it to notice.

    ‘he saw the prayers of the Church as a living and fruitful tradition that threw up new ideas’
    • ‘My source explained the headline-writing process: ‘Sometimes the germ of an idea is thrown up and kicked into shape by the executive-level night editor on the back bench.’’
    • ‘The consultation process on the Water Bill which will go to the Scottish parliament is drawing to a close and some interesting ideas have been thrown up.’
    • ‘Interesting ideas were thrown up on forging identities.’
    • ‘I seem to remember we had this discussion before several times, and back then some interesting ideas were thrown up which I can't remember exactly (that's what happens if you stay here long enough).’
    • ‘That's why this stupid idea has been thrown up now.’
  • 4throw something up, throw up somethingErect a building or structure hastily.

    ‘on several sites temporary wooden structures had been thrown up’
    • ‘This is living as if we mean to stay, not actually throwing buildings up as quickly as possible, as cheaply as possible and, in an energy sense, as frivolously as possible.’