Definition of throw up one's hands in English:

throw up one's hands


  • Raise both hands in the air as an indication of one's exasperation.

    ‘Dickens threw up his hands in impatience’
    • ‘Her owner, one of the 400 aspiring actors on our block, sort of throws up her hands in dramatic exasperation when this happens.’
    • ‘Many legislators are just throwing up their hands.’
    • ‘But not everyone is throwing up their hands over the issue.’
    • ‘Respect is due to my friends for not throwing up their hands, rolling their eyes and walking away.’
    • ‘Is it just a case of throwing up our hands and praying that those we love remain untouched?’
    • ‘And sometimes, it can be so ridiculous that, you know, you have to sort of throw up your hands and say, OK.’
    • ‘It's easy to become discouraged and throw up your hands and say, well, it's gone on for a long time, it will go on forever.’
    • ‘But whatever you do, don't just throw up your hands and wait for the 2003 election.’
    • ‘At some point you just throw up your hands because we're not at the table.’
    • ‘What could you possibly do besides throw up your hands in disgust and go home?’