Definition of thunderbird in English:



  • (in some North American Indian cultures) a mythical bird that brings thunder.

    ‘The patch - painted to depict a North American Indian mythical half-eagle, half-hawk thunderbird - is hallowed ground.’
    • ‘The two two-metre tall totems - one of a bear and the other of a thunderbird - were carved by Squamish Nation carver Ritchie Baker and stood on the school grounds for more than 20 years.’
    • ‘Doreen Jensen works with Cassandra Malley on her thunderbird design at the button blanket workshop.’
    • ‘Alas, one day the young braves, distracted by a thunderbird swooping overhead, failed to check the ground over which they rolled the mat, and when the chief stepped upon it, he screamed in pain.’
    • ‘The shapes of killer whales, turtles, grizzly bears, ravens and beavers are based on real animals, while thunderbirds and double-headed serpents were invented.’
    • ‘Thunder and lighting spirits took the form of thunderbirds known as Wakinyan.’
    • ‘DeCora selected a symbol that she believed would be easily understood by all Native American readers: the eagle, or thunderbird.’
    • ‘It is made from green woolen cloth with an appliquéd design of a bird, perhaps an eagle, hawk, or thunderbird, in red flannel.’



/ˈTHəndərˌbərd/ /ˈθəndərˌbərd/