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Pronunciation /ˈTHənd(ə)riNG/ /ˈθənd(ə)rɪŋ/


  • 1Making a resounding, loud, deep noise.

    ‘thundering waterfalls’
    • ‘With real relief, he followed the noise to a thundering waterfall whose mist painted a soggy rainbow above the lagoon.’
    • ‘Our first port of call is the turbine hall, filled with thundering noise and dominated by two gigantic machines, each as big as a locomotive, which generate the power of Scotland.’
    • ‘The crowds at this year's Eldwick and Gilstead Gala were temporarily silenced by the thundering noise of a Spitfire and Hurricane roaring past overhead.’
    • ‘My everlasting, and most fearful, memory of the war was being woken by an thundering noise which shook and rattled the windows of my bedroom.’
    • ‘The rain crashed into the roof with thundering noise.’
    • ‘I'm a big fan of thundering, loud soundtracks on action movies, and Jurassic Park III doesn't disappoint.’
    • ‘He shouted over the thundering noise of the river.’
    • ‘The thundering noise masquerading as music echoed through the room.’
    • ‘Dolby Digital 5.1 audio was loud with thundering subwoofer action when the battles called for it.’
    • ‘The thundering crash of shotgun blasts were made even more deafening within the confines of the small room.’
    • ‘The noise is the first thing you notice, the thundering roar of Bangkok's heart-attack inducing traffic, which forces you to call up all your Playstation skills just to cross the road.’
    • ‘Even if I could've seen her clearly there was no time to react as two hands walloped me above the right ear, the strike like lightning in that it took a second until the thundering roar inside my head commenced.’
    • ‘A thundering clang reverberated around the catwalk.’
    • ‘Hardly a second later the thundering blast of an explosion rang from where I had just stood.’
    • ‘These trains are lightweight compared to the thundering monsters the bridge was used to carrying in its heyday.’
    • ‘Ah yes, I can still recall the thundering chorus of coughing and sputtering, the audience storm of noise that almost drowned out Christopher Plummer's poignant finale during King Lear.’
    • ‘With thundering drums completing the picture and a firm grasp of the dramatic dynamics, this unique song has fully earned its place as New Zealand's first export breakout d' n'b tune.’
    • ‘Visitors can make a wish for the New Year and let it aflutter on the Bell Charms, beam their dedication on the giant screen and end the year with a fireworks display launched to a thundering rock symphony.’
    • ‘They have that symphonic sound with thundering, marching percussion perfect for the war scenes.’
    • ‘The cavalry charged out of nowhere, the hundreds of thundering hooves terrifying the villager who had never seen nor heard more than four horses together before.’
    1. 1.1informal Extremely great, severe, or impressive.
      ‘a thundering bore’
      as submodifier ‘a thundering good read’
      • ‘This time around, he will start as a real contender and will exploit the thundering power of the 4.7-litre Tiger on the long straights in Clipstone.’
      • ‘Thomas Walsh hurled a thundering first half, scoring two powerful points, one the score of the game from the left wing side-line.’
      • ‘Bellamy's match winner, four minutes after Jaaskelainen had saved Laurent Robert's thundering drive, was the Mags' 78th goal in all competitions this season!’
      • ‘Sluiter contained him in the first set as Mirnyi peppered the court with thundering serves and deep ground strokes.’
      • ‘She covered her ears and backed away from the window, whimpering as the intensified noise send thundering pain ringing through her head.’
      • ‘Standring brought George Thomson into the play with a lovely lay off and Thomson unleashed a thundering shot that was only stopped by the woodwork.’
      enormous, huge, massive, vast, very great, tremendous, substantial, goodly, prodigious, gigantic, giant, terrific, fantastic, colossal, immense, mammoth, monumental, stupendous, gargantuan, elephantine, titanic, mountainous, monstrous
      extremely, very, really, thoroughly, exceedingly, immensely, incredibly, amazingly, remarkably, exceptionally, uncommonly, extraordinarily, perfectly, truly, simply, positive, positively, downright
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/ˈTHənd(ə)riNG/ /ˈθənd(ə)rɪŋ/