Definition of thundershower in English:


Pronunciation /ˈTHəndərˌSHou(ə)r/ /ˈθəndərˌʃaʊ(ə)r/


  • A shower of rain accompanied by thunder and lightning.

    ‘India Meteorological Department officials have predicted heavy to very heavy rainfall with thundershowers till Monday morning for Gujarat region.’
    • ‘We are hoping for thunder showers in the area.’
    • ‘Yesterday in Taichung City, sudden thundershowers in the afternoon forced Taichung Airport to shut down for two hours.’
    • ‘Unexpected thundershowers, beyond our control, caused a power outage at about midnight.’
    • ‘It is not usual to have brief afternoon thundershowers in the summer.’
    • ‘However welcome a few good showers might be, there is no doubt that getting drenched in a thundershower, is not a pleasurable experience.’
    • ‘Officials said that recent afternoon thundershowers have increased the water level in the river, further mitigating the effects of the pollution.’
    • ‘Sunday evening's thundershower whipped up hopes that the rains may be back.’
    • ‘You can see northern California already getting hit hard with some heavy showers and thundershowers.’
    • ‘According to officials of the weather department, parts of the city and suburbs will experience thundershowers and heavy rains during the next two days.’
    • ‘Today's forecast for the eastern half of the province is cloudy and cool with widespread rain and thundershowers.’
    • ‘The weather is expected to clear along the coast today, although scattered thundershowers are expected over the Eastern Cape interior.’
    • ‘There is the chance that next week or next month, there will be another burst or two of more widespread thundershowers.’
    • ‘That strong cold front still making its way through here bringing showers and thundershowers.’
    • ‘We're feeling the impact across much of Louisiana at this hour with showers and thundershowers.’
    • ‘Summers were hot and dry except for occasional thundershowers.’
    • ‘The forecasts have been asking us to watch out for thunderclouds and thundershowers for a long while now.’
    • ‘It was a hot and sultry day, but towards evening there was a hint of a thundershower bringing some relief from the enervating heat.’
    • ‘More than half the rain falls in the wet season from June through September and is associated with thundershowers, squalls, and tropical cyclones.’
    • ‘East London residents should prepare for more rain with thundershowers this afternoon but the rain is expected to lessen tomorrow.’