Definition of thusly in English:



another term for thus (sense 2)
‘the review was conducted thusly’
  • ‘The designer, Ruth Gill, created the concept for her master's thesis, and describes it thusly.’
  • ‘But stated thusly, it's not a very funny joke, is it?’
  • ‘Farr introduced Bartlett thusly: ‘I give you the only person who'll be able to drive home tonight.’’
  • ‘Mark clarifies the problem with this particular argument thusly.’
  • ‘The Rock sums up his chances of winning thusly: ‘Based on the last election results, we're dead.’’
  • ‘His words were overheard and translated to said principal thusly: Daniel had gasoline and was recruiting a gang to burn down the school.’
  • ‘Matthew Cromer calls me on this point, and Anonymous backs him thusly.’
  • ‘Julie Breeson of Boston Magazine summed up the beginning of Bransford's facelift book thusly.’
  • ‘It was described thusly by Chinese Vice-Premier Chen Muhua in 1979.’
  • ‘The prominent figure is Rick Rescorla, described thusly on the LZ Xray web page.’
  • ‘So now comes Newsweek's BlogWatch for this week, which sums up the whole situation thusly.’
  • ‘David McNeil in the Independent describes the Nanking massacre thusly.’
  • ‘The functional requirements can be stated thusly: the card must bear all necessary information and be readable.’
  • ‘That's right, the youth of Australia - the future of this great country - voted thusly.’
  • ‘She's the president of the Newspaper Guild, a group described thusly on their home page.’
  • ‘But then I let my hair grow, and it got straggly, and I tried to explain my hair-based needs thusly.’
  • ‘After some reflection, I decided to answer him thusly: A marriage to the right person is worth it.’
  • ‘Quite clearly, code is a form of speech - and for the record I would be very, very glad to see it thusly protected!’
  • ‘And we're due to continue thusly from now up until Christmas.’
  • ‘Revenue was thusly obtained for use of parking space - job done.’



/ˈT͟Həslē/ /ˈðəsli/