Definition of thymocyte in English:


Pronunciation /ˈTHīməˌsīt/ /ˈθaɪməˌsaɪt/


  • A lymphocyte within the thymus gland.

    ‘The systemic immune effects include increased apoptosis of thymocytes, decreased macrophage phagocytosis, thymic atrophy and diminished allograft rejection.’
    • ‘The effect of thymic peptide on the functions of tissue macrophages, tumor-associated macrophages, and tumor-induced apoptosis of thymocytes was studied.’
    • ‘All the three proteoglycans stimulated mice thymocyte and splenocyte proliferation and elevated cell cytotoxicity.’
    • ‘Double positive thymocytes and natural killer cell systems have recently been reported that also only exhibit segregation.’
    • ‘In this system, viruses replicate faster, achieve higher titres, and deplete thymocytes better than their unmutated counterparts.’


1920s from thymus+ -cyte.