Definition of thyristor in English:



  • A four-layered semiconductor rectifier in which the flow of current between two electrodes is triggered by a signal at a third electrode.

    ‘The thyristor is the device that's used in all wall dimmer switches.’
    • ‘The company offers a broad range of thyristor products that are used in a variety of applications.’
    • ‘There is a need for two conditions to be present simultaneously to turn on the thyristor.’
    • ‘If the thyristor is used with an ac supply then it will conduct on the positive half cycles and automatically switch off during the negative half cycles.’
    • ‘Thyristor phase control leads to additional energy losses and heating in the motor and this should be taken into account when selecting the power rating.’



/THīˈristər/ /θaɪˈrɪstər/


1950s blend of thyratron, denoting a kind of thermionic valve (from Greek thura ‘gate’) and transistor.