Definition of Thysanoptera in English:


plural noun

  • 1Entomology
    An order of insects that comprises the thrips.

    • ‘THE ORDER Thysanoptera, or thrips (pi. and sing.), is comprised of approximately 5,000 known species of small insects with diverse life histories and habits.’
    • ‘For the other two hemipteroid orders, Thysanoptera and Psocoptera, only partial mtDNA sequences are available.’
    • ‘For the Insecta, 29 families in 8 orders were identified, with species of Thysanoptera, Coleoptera, and Heteroptera being the most abundant.’
    • ‘The Recent fauna of Thysanoptera is dominated by taxa that evolved only in the last 40-50 million years, despite at least 230 million years of evolutionary history for the order.’
    1. 1.1Insects of the order Thysanoptera; thrips.
      ‘thysanoptera frequent many kinds of plants’
      • ‘But the scorching weather has also seen the arrival of the irritating heatwave insect, thysanoptera, commonly known as the thunder bug.’
      • ‘The communities were dominated numerically by Thysanoptera (leaves and stalks) and Acari, but other taxa including Heteroptera and Coleoptera were also relatively common.’
      • ‘Pollination is insect mediated, the main foragers observed in the field being small Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, Diptera, and Thysanoptera.’
      • ‘Over 45,000 arthropods were collected from 55 plants (5 plants from each of 11 sites), dominated numerically by Acari and Thysanoptera.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek thusanos ‘tassel’ + pteron ‘wing’.