Definition of TIA in English:



  • Transient ischemic attack.

    ‘temporary blood clots may cause TIAs’
    • ‘The first 90 days after a stroke or TIA is the most critical window for medical intervention.’
    • ‘New research has found that operating to unclog the affected blood vessels in the neck within 24 hours of having a TIA means a third do not go on to suffer another episode.’
    • ‘PTSD and other psychological disorders in stroke and TIA patients appear to be an under-recognized and undertreated problem.’
    • ‘Treating TIAs as an emergency is similar to the approach to first heart attacks.’
    • ‘In a TIA, blood flow is cut off to part of the brain for a period of time, up to a day and sometimes for an hour or two.’
    • ‘TIAs occur when there is a temporary blockage - such as a piece of cholesterol or a clot - in the carotid arteries that supply the head, limiting blood and oxygen to the brain.’