Definition of Tibetan antelope in English:

Tibetan antelope


another term for chiru
‘It will take 10 days for all the 40,000 female and baby Tibetan antelopes to cross the construction site.’
  • ‘From tigers to the killing of Tibetan antelopes and sea turtles in Orissa, everything worries her, and there is a strong determination to fight against all odds.’
  • ‘Many different kinds of wild animals live there, for instance, the Tibetan antelope, Asiatic wild ass and yak.’
  • ‘The endangered Tibetan antelope or the chiru has been chosen after a fierce global contest as one of the five mascots of the Beijing Olympics 2008.’
  • ‘Four mountaineers in the high steppes of northern Tibet and northeastern China have located the key calving ground of the chiru, a rare Tibetan antelope.’


Tibetan antelope

/təˈbetn ˈantlˌōp/ /təˈbɛtn ˈæntlˌoʊp/ /ˈan(t)əˌlōp/ /ˈæn(t)əˌloʊp/