Definition of tickly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtik(ə)lē/ /ˈtɪk(ə)li/


another term for ticklish
  • ‘It would stop for a moment, and then I'd begin to say something and I'd get that tickly scratchy feeling in my throat and I'd fight it but then I'd start coughing again.’
  • ‘Having a kitten lick your shins or toes is tickly.’
  • ‘When you find yourself troubled by a dry tickly cough you should avoid dry environments by having either a window open in the room or purchasing an air humidifier and drink plenty of water.’
  • ‘I seem to have jumped straight into the tail-end of a cold, skipping the usual nose/throat combination in favour of an immediate tickly cough.’
  • ‘Improved oxygen levels should make the students more alert, and higher humidity should reduce dry tickly coughs and colds.’
  • ‘Isn't it all a bit tickly on the soles of the feet?’
  • ‘They started feeling sort of tickly and itchy on Sunday, and it continued yesterday.’
  • ‘It started off as an irritating tickly cough on Sunday afternoon which last night developed into a sore throat which kept me awake.’
  • ‘At one point I began to suffer from a tickly cough and tiptoed out.’
  • ‘Mostly when I've just eaten something or had a drink, my throat is tickly and I have to clear it.’
  • ‘She was chatting to her GP about a tickly cough when she mentioned that she hadn't felt her baby kick for some time.’
  • ‘Both colds and flu start with a runny nose, tickly throat, fever and aches.’
  • ‘This foot bath is followed by a half-hour foot massage, which, to my relief, was not at all tickly.’
  • ‘A bead of tickly sweat runs slowly down your neck, even though it is neither hot nor humid where you are.’
  • ‘She was poking me in so many tickly spots that I was glad my face was hidden down a hole at the time.’
  • ‘After a few seconds of scratchy bliss, I noticed an annoying tickly itch on my shin.’
  • ‘Suddenly I felt a tickly feeling on my palm from the camel's mouth.’
  • ‘You wake up and notice a tickly sensation at the back of your throat, or your nose feels a bit blocked, signs that would often precipitate a full-blown cold.’
  • ‘You mix it with hot water and it turns into this gloopy weird-tasting stuff that lines your throat with a kind of layer that stops those tickly coughs.’
  • ‘His breath was warm and tickly on my neck, giving me goose bumps while shivers ran down my spine.’



/ˈtik(ə)lē/ /ˈtɪk(ə)li/