Definition of tide over in English:

tide over

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phrasal verb

  • tide someone over, tide over someoneHelp someone through a difficult period, especially with financial assistance.

    ‘she needed a small loan to tide her over’
    • ‘This is to tide them over for a period, unless they get work.’
    • ‘To tide him over financially, he took a job with a radio station, and found that he had a natural flair for the microphone and he soon hosted his own show on Talk Radio.’
    • ‘In the meantime, Boyle also asked for another loan to tide him over.’
    • ‘The pre-Christmas shopping frenzy shifts into high gear this week, with many families relying on their credit cards to tide them over this expensive period.’
    • ‘But here's a little something to tide you over for a bit.’
    • ‘For the landed gentry, it was usually a snack to tide you over between luncheon and a late dinner.’
    • ‘‘My husband took redundancy last year and that helped tide us over,’ she said.’
    • ‘We need to get the resources where we can to tide us over until the nurses come through the system.’
    • ‘I knew that I had food in the case, as we always pack some to tide us over until we find a food shop.’
    • ‘Mr Keating, who has two teenage children, says the minimum payouts he and his fellow employees will receive will only tide them over while they look for another job.’
    sustain, keep someone going, keep someone's head above water, see someone through