Definition of tide rip in English:

tide rip


  • An area of rough water typically caused by opposing currents or by a rapid current passing over an uneven bottom.

    ‘a ring of tide rips’
    • ‘A few seal heads bobbing in the tide rips or near shore can indicate the presence of schooling coho.’
    • ‘The conditions do not have to be at the same time - a wind one day, a tide rip or surf another day.’
    • ‘We live on Whidbey Island and have towed her through some huge tide rips and have never had a problem.’
    • ‘There are also exciting tide rips in many parts of the Bay where paddlers can play and surf in the waves.’
    • ‘We will train in ferry gliding across the tide rips as well as holding our position in them.’
    • ‘The area has currents with associated tide rips and eddy lines, though the areas of swiftest flow can be avoided.’
    • ‘Ideally this skill will be demonstrated in a variety of conditions, including surf, tide rips, and wind waves.’
    • ‘Also, slow trolling is very productive too, especially along tide rips that form near shipping channels and inlets.’
    • ‘Shallow ground extends about 500 yards south of the island, causing yet another set of nasty tide rips.’
    • ‘As his party was getting ready to leave, two small boats and 21 men were lost in the tide rips.’
    • ‘You will also be introduced to various strategies for dealing with current, how to use the current to your advantage, and how to handle tide rips and rough water.’
    • ‘Tide races and tide rips are evident in Cardigan Bay.’
    • ‘Using an 8wt rod and a fast sinking tip, I made a cast parallel to the tide rip and let it sink until I was sure I was just a few feet from the bottom.’
    • ‘The next morning, while we were eating breakfast, we wandered over to the east edge of the island and looked at the tide rips that were forming off the Head.’
    • ‘A distinct tide rip ran along the jetty toward the harbor, and the anglers cast their baits and lures upcurrent at the seam, letting their lines swing around underneath.’
    • ‘We proceeded in Race Passage, south of Helmcken Island, beyond which another set of tide rips was clearly visible, but with plenty of room to avoid them.’
    • ‘Another sill acts together with a natural constriction in the bay's shape to form the prominent tide rips observed in Sitakaday Narrows.’
    • ‘At the safety discussion it was mentioned again and again that we could only spend a couple minutes in the tide rip and then had to fight our way out.’
    • ‘Closer examination of the ‘oil slick’ revealed that it was actually a quarter-inch thick floating mat of insects collected in a tide rip.’
    • ‘Upon the reef under Point Lonsdale there were some boys fishing, and every now and then I could see the sea breaking, marking the place of the tide rip.’


tide rip

/ˈtīd ˌrip/ /ˈtaɪd ˌrɪp/