Definition of tied to someone's apron strings in English:

tied to someone's apron strings


  • Too much under someone's influence and control.

    ‘we have all met sturdy adults who are tied to mother's apron strings’
    • ‘While much popular journalism decried the mother who kept her young boy tied to her apron strings, many mothers worried about their sons' ability to fend for themselves in the peer society.’
    • ‘Plus she had no desire to become permanently tied to Marie 's apron strings, which she knew would be her inevitable fate.’
    • ‘You're still tied to her apron strings, believe me.’
    • ‘Now it looks like an unwanted child still tied embarrassingly to the parent company's apron strings and destined for a future of neglect.’
    • ‘In many other cultures he'd be laughed at, and sent to a psychiatrist for being tied to his mother's apron strings.’
    • ‘Instead of taking charge of its own destiny, the borough remains tied to the county council's apron strings.’
    • ‘Anyway, it can't be bad for a child not to be tied to it's mother's apron strings, even in infancy.’
    • ‘In other words, he was not one of those males who were tied to their mother's apron strings.’
    • ‘At the end of the day, the interim council is still tied to the American apron strings.’
    • ‘His mother may have passed to the great beyond, but through her writings he is still tied to her apron strings.’
    browbeaten, downtrodden, bullied, dominated, nagged, subjugated, oppressed, repressed, intimidated, ground down, without a mind of one's own, tied to someone's apron strings, under someone's heel