Definition of tierce in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtirs/ /ˈtɪrs/


  • 1

    another term for terce

  • 2Music
    An organ stop sounding two octaves and a major third above the pitch of the diapason.

  • 3(in piquet) a sequence of three cards of the same suit.

    ‘You might sink an additional trio or tierce if the three points gained would cause you to fail to win the cards.’
    • ‘Currently, the government tax is 12 per cent on simple pools such as win, place and quinella, and 20 per cent on exotic bets like tierce, double tierce and triple tierce.’
  • 4Fencing
    The third of eight standard parrying positions.

    ‘He reduced the number of useful guards to four and named them, ‘prima, seconda, terza and quarta ‘corresponding somewhat to our modern prime, second, tierce and quarte.’’
    • ‘A commonly used sabre parry, the three or tierce, is rarely seen in foil or épée so can be used to your advantage once you have mastered it.’
  • 5A former measure of wine equal to one third of a pipe, usually equivalent to 35 gallons (about 156 liters).

    1. 5.1archaic A cask containing a certain quantity of provisions, the amount varying with the goods.


Late Middle English variant of terce.