Definition of tiger team in English:

tiger team


  • A team of specialists in a particular field brought together to work on specific tasks.

    ‘Soon, the whole thing will have been a penetration test by a Microsoft tiger team.’
    • ‘Hunter's tiger team had anticipated this logistical nightmare.’
    • ‘Part of the reason was the VA assigned "tiger teams" of clerical staff to process the oldest claims filed by the oldest veterans.’
    • ‘And they had become a tiger team focused on a complicated problem a little closer to home.’
    • ‘In the 1970s, members of the U.S. military set up "tiger teams" or "red teams" with hotel rooms filled with communications equipment.’
    • ‘The Air Force is standing up a "tiger team" to address three major air reserve component issues.’
    • ‘And they came as part and parcel of the team, so-called tiger team, that accompanied Major General Miller.’
    • ‘That's also why smart goverment agencies and companies hire tiger teams to try and break into their own systems.’
    • ‘When the tiger team confirmed that the closings were all but certain, Dell moved into high gear.’
    • ‘We're able to do things smarter, but we've had a ' tiger team ' kind of effort for the last two to three years.’
    • ‘Baldwin also heads up damage control tiger teams and does random inspections throughout the ship for damage control discrepancies.’
    • ‘The tiger team of instructors and maintenance personnel evaluated each step of the emergency procedure to determine how it applied to the existing damage.’
    • ‘The project ended up creating a tiger team to look at alternative approaches, and over the course of four weeks designed and started work on their own hybrid engine.’
    • ‘A "tiger team," composed of members from KSC's Engineering Division, the stage contractors, and Pacific Crane and Rigging, supervised the rush work.’
    • ‘(This has been demonstrated several times in the last few years, both with DoD tiger teams and with random teenagers.)’
    • ‘Our future, if it is to include routine innovation and adaptation, must include staff designs that facilitate this teaming technique, rather than relying solely on ad hoc tiger teams.’
    • ‘Not quite the "penetration test by a Microsoft tiger team" you predicted in the latest Crypto-Gram, but it's almost there…’
    • ‘Under the direction of the tiger team, all 27 of the Scoutrockets already manufactured for the program were returned to LTV in Dallas to be taken apart and inspected.’
    • ‘Under the auspices of the DON IAWWG, three tiger teams are focusing on manpower and personnel; training and certification; and technological aspects of monitoring, tracking and reporting on the workforce.’