Definition of tigon in English:


(also tiglon)


  • The hybrid offspring of a male tiger and a lioness.

    • ‘A liger is a tigress and lion union and tiglons, on the other hand are the products of tigers and lionesses.’
    • ‘When a male tiger is crossed with a female lion, there can be an offspring called a tiglon.’
    • ‘Examples include tigons, a cross between a male tiger and a female lion, and beefalos, a cross between an American bison and a domestic cow.’
    • ‘Newly arrived penguins from South America will join the Safari Park elephants, tigers, lions, birds, tiglons and ligers.’
    • ‘Today there are believed to be a handful of ligers around the world and a similar number of tigons, the product of a tiger father and lion mother.’


1920s portmanteau word from tiger and lion.