Main definitions of Tigre in English

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Pronunciation /təˈɡrā/ /təˈɡreɪ/

proper noun

variant spelling of Tigray

Main definitions of Tigre in English

: Tigre1Tigre2


Pronunciation /ˈtēɡrā/ /ˈtiɡreɪ/


  • A Semitic language spoken in Eritrea and adjoining parts of Sudan. It is not the language of Tigray, which is Tigrinya.

    ‘The Afro-Semitic languages in Eritrea are Tigre, Tigrinya, and Rashaida.’
    • ‘One-third of the Eritrean population speaks Tigre as a primary language.’
    • ‘In the border areas with Sudan, however, Kunama speakers know three or four languages, including Arabic, Kunama, and Tigre and Tigrinya.’
    • ‘To the north of the Tigrinya speakers live people who speak the closely related language known as Tigre.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the acceptance of Tigre as a language of instruction faces deep resistance.’


The name in Tigre.