Main definitions of tilbury in English

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Pronunciation /ˈtilb(ə)rē/ /ˈtɪlb(ə)ri/ /ˈtilˌberē/ /ˈtɪlˌbɛri/


  • A light open two-wheeled carriage.

    ‘As he climbed into his tilbury some twenty yards away, Isolde shrugged.’
    • ‘The German ambassador and the director of the Goethe Institut rode on tilburies with the immense crowd on each side of the street welcoming them.’
    • ‘There are plenty of hackney cabs and coaches too; gigs, phaetons, large-wheeled tilburies, and private carriages - rather of a clumsy make, and not very different from the public vehicles, but built for the heavy roads beyond the city pavement.’
    • ‘Stuck in traffic, they find themselves surrounded by a crestomathy of carriages: ‘barouches, britchkas, wurts, tandems, tilburies, dog-carts, covered wagonnettes with leather curtains full of singing workmen out on the spree, and go-carts carefully driven by fathers of families.’’
    • ‘Behind the carriage there rode a hundred or more noblemen and gentlemen of the west country, and then a line of gigs, tilburies, and carriages wound away down the Grinstead road as far as our eyes could follow it.’


Early 19th century named after its inventor.

Main definitions of Tilbury in English

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Pronunciation /ˈtilb(ə)rē/ /ˈtɪlb(ə)ri/ /ˈtilˌberē/ /ˈtɪlˌbɛri/

proper noun

  • The principal container port of London and southeastern England, on the north bank of the River Thames.