Definition of time management in English:

time management


mass noun
  • The ability to use one's time effectively or productively, especially at work.

    ‘time management is the key to efficient working’
    as modifier ‘students may need help in developing time management skills’
    • ‘Their improved ability to think analytically assists them with time management.’
    • ‘I don't know how you can be a salesperson without time management.’
    • ‘He is adamant that with a little effective time management, anything is achievable.’
    • ‘A balanced combination of work and school can result in better time management and less procrastination.’
    • ‘Her university job guarantees her income year-round, but her challenge is time management.’
    • ‘Once in college, these students are not used to determining their own schedule and often struggle with time management.’
    • ‘I have taken several time management courses and so far none of the techniques seem to work for me.’
    • ‘He became convinced that time management was the key to personal freedom.’
    • ‘I already have good time management skills that I've learnt this year.’
    • ‘Skills needed included time management and working cooperatively.’
    • ‘To gain more control over your schedule, conduct your own time-management audit.’
    • ‘The people who run time-management seminars will tell you that the time you spend commuting to work is valuable.’
    • ‘The key to success - both in business and in private life - is honing time-management skills.’
    • ‘If you're missing deadlines at your job, work on time-management techniques.’
    • ‘Her time-management skills are excellent.’