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  • 1An automatic mechanism for activating a device at a preset time.

    ‘a video timer’
    • ‘Some of these models also provide a greater number of programs, automatic shut-off timers and mechanisms that keep noise to a minimum.’
    • ‘The valve-on state can be activated from a remote robotic device when the automatic timer on the unit is off.’
    • ‘I refer to those who pre-tear toilet tissue to avoid work on Shabbat, but set automatic timers on the TV to turn on the college football games.’
    • ‘It's thought that the bombs themselves were operated manually, i.e. human suicide bombers rather than mechanical timers.’
    • ‘The mouse is equipped with an automatic sleep timer so it will shut itself off when idle for ten minutes.’
    • ‘If you don't want to rely on a neighbor for watering, install an automatic timer for your watering system or hose.’
    • ‘Power can be conserved by leaving sensors in sleep mode most of the time; internal timers or network signals activate them only when they are needed to take a measurement or pass on a signal.’
    • ‘Most of these timers also offer preset schedules.’
    • ‘Well-positioned floodlights activated by timers or motion or light sensors force criminals to do what they hate most: work in the light.’
    • ‘Modern dimmers even come with remote or voice control and have presets and built in timers.’
    • ‘Likewise, refrigeration units now have automatic start-up timers for pre-cooling trailers.’
    • ‘To take a domestic example, how many over 35s know how to set a video timer?’
    • ‘However can someone tell me, please, why every time you want to set the timer on your video they never coincide with each other?’
    • ‘But I'm so proud of myself for being able to use the video timer that I get the time wrong and tape two hours of daytime TV.’
    • ‘If I'm not around a telly on Wednesday afternoons, I make sure the video timer's set.’
    • ‘The animals are hooked up to milking machines with timers on them.’
    • ‘We have used a timer on our engine heaters to save energy costs yet still give our vehicle engines ample time to heat up.’
    • ‘If all this seems like too much fiddling around, you also could install an electronic timer and a drip hose to each plant.’
    • ‘At the beach, the timer on Chase's watch went off, signaling that it was time for him to turn over.’
    • ‘I set the timer and went into the living room to watch the TV.’
    1. 1.1A person or device that measures or records the amount of time taken by a process or activity.
      ‘the challenge is to play the game with the timer’
      • ‘There was also a countdown timer to measure elapsed time for each question.’
      • ‘He has seven lined up in a row, with an electronic timer on each to record how many solid punches can be landed in two minutes.’
      • ‘Then, still using your timer, record how long it takes for the star to realign with the stick from one night to the next.’
      • ‘A timer kept record of how long you had left to live, ticking off the seconds.’
      • ‘We play a lot of party games, and sand timers are inaccurate, and are silent when they run out.’
      • ‘Furthermore, does it actually make sense to use a timer in a multi-player game?’
      • ‘Pact has been providing high-quality timers and chronographs for well over two decades.’
      • ‘A chronograph, a countdown timer and dual-time zone readings flesh out its functions.’
      • ‘The guy with the stopwatch stopped the timer, and some one went out on a four wheeler to retrieve the targets.’
      • ‘I turned the timer over and watched the grains of sand dribble into the bottom of the glass.’
      • ‘I glanced up at the steel grey sky and lit a cigarette and started a timer, watching the seconds build.’
      • ‘We used an electronic shooting timer to record times from start signal to shot.’
      • ‘You see if I drop a coin, I have to take time to record the speed, and reset and reload the timer.’
      • ‘Season Two picks up exactly where the show left off, watching the timer drop.’
      • ‘The best is a digital countdown timer, but any watch or one-minute sand timer will do.’
      • ‘As with all the mechanical timers, it only goes up to one hour.’
      • ‘If you slam it into a surface, the thirty second timer will be activated.’
      • ‘Closed circuit cameras and electronic timers monitor the time staff are away from their desk, including in the bathroom.’
      timepiece, chronometer, small clock, timer
  • 2in combination Used to indicate how many times someone has done something.

    • ‘for most first-timers the success rate is 45 percent’



/ˈtīmər/ /ˈtaɪmər/